Sunday November 15th 2015, 5:27PM

For almost two days now I have been pondering as to if I should speak what is on my mind, even more "IF I SHOULD POST THIS ARTICLE AT ALL". My mind won out as this article may by some slim chance end up saving someone's life. I have several pages here on Facebook as well as several Web-Pages, however I felt this and my timeline page would be the proper area as it is strictly my own opinion and no one else has had input.

Two days past once again we witnessed another act of totally fanatic barbarism by what the world is classifying religious extremists taking the lives of innocent people. This is almost an everyday occurrence and it usually takes place in a gathering area for groups. Theaters, eating establishments, sports events, colleges and schools, places where they know people will be and there is almost no chance for the victims to escape.

Just two months ago here in Oregon, less than 80 miles south of my home 10 people killed in a community college 7 more seriously injured. Then earlier this summer at a church another shooting, and then yesterday at least 129 people killed , with another 200 wounded and people wonder why these things happen.

I am not that philosophical as to attempt to consider why they happen, but I will "CONSIDER WHY SO MANY ARE KILLED". Be it in a theater in Paris, France or a theater in Aurora, Colorado or another in Lafayette, Louisiana it makes no difference, the shooting starts and the results are EXACTLY AS PLANNED by those pulling the trigger. But did you ever stop to consider why the results were so vile, wicked and predictable? Did you ever stop to ask "WHY SO MANY WERE KILLED".

I wonder every time I see such an event "WHY".  Allow me to attempt to explain here. First off unless you have ever been under fire anywhere for any reason you will think there is nothing that could have been done. I assure you this is totally false or without merit. But you must have a fatalistic state of mind to understand. We will get there later.

I listen closely to every interview with every survivor and their statements are almost an exact copy, as if each were reading a script. "I HID, or I PRETENDED TO BE DEAD AND I SURVIVED". No you survived that time by total accident of choice on the part of the shooter.

I am Sicilian by heritage, so my philosophy is different than most but in truth I am no different than you. I want to be able to wake in the morning and go on. Where my philosophy differs, "IS I WILL DO SOMETHING TO MAKE SURE I HAVE A BETTER THAN EVEN ODDS CHANCE OF WALKING AWAY".

In almost every shooting the assassins always say the very same thing (and these statements are gleaned from the interviews of survivors. The shooters almost always say "STAY STILL OR LAY DOWN AND I WON'T KILL YOU"! That is why so many are killed "THEY BELIEVE THE PERSON WHO IS AIMING A GUN AT THEM". It is the same attitude that the Jews in Germany ghettos adopted with Hitler, or that of a person who has been kidnapped "THEY WANT TO BELIEVE THEY WILL NOT BE HURT -- BECAUSE THE KILLER TOLD ME". In kidnapping it is called the Stockholm syndrome. They believe because they are paralyzed with fear, and grab for the straws of hope of truth.  It is unfortunate that they are  unable to accept the truth which they see.  If they believed their eyes, more would survive.  You must accept you are about to die, and then you can function as well as see a possible way to get home.

In a situation where someone is showing obvious intent to kill, I accept it AS FACT THEY HAVE DECIDED I WILL NOT SEE THE MORNING. What they don't know is, I have already accepted that I am going to die, but I WILL NOT BE MAKING THE JOURNEY WITH OUT THEM BESIDE ME. This gives me the advantage and I will be alive when the sun rises.  Did you know there were only two shooters in the theater, three at the football stadium, and two each at the three restaurants and suspected two additional passengers in the three cars.  THAT IS A TOTAL OF SIXTEEN MAXIMUM, and yet they killed (at last count per the 11:00 PM news, 129 dead, 200 wounded with another 99 in critical condition. The majority of those killed were lying down and shot in the back or in the head.  

You don't have to be Rambo or The Duke, to live or be a hero.  All  you have to do is stop and consider the facts and those facts being you are about to be killed. If you accept that then you have a 99% better chance of leaving the situation alive. The killers (yes even and particularly suicide killers) are even more afraid than you (the victims). If they can scare everyone into laying still all they need to is aim and pull a trigger.  Sadly most people will good boys and girls, obey and lie down --- THEN THEY DIE.

I am 73 years old, I have MS and unless I have read the bible incorrectly I am not immortal "I WILL DIE SOMEDAY". I just will not allow it to be today and at the hands of someone intent on doing so. Like Jon Holiday aka "DOC HOLIDAY" said, "most people are afraid to die", so they will lose in a battle by simply not fighting. I am not! I have been pronounced "DEAD ON ARRIVAL THREE DIFFERENT TIMES".  I assure you, it hurt like hell each time.  "BUT I AM STILL HERE"!

To begin with, I AM A SICILIAN BY HERITAGE. I have always carried come style knife.  Now I carry at least six all the time. I will survive because a shooter is looking for a gun and people who do what they are told. I have trained with knives, in battle situations as well as throwing and other tactics. Additionally, most people believe it or not, are afraid of being cut and will normally back away.

If I am ever in a situation where someone has me at gun point, I guarantee, if I go they will be on that train with me. However in all probability I will be explaining why and how I just killed someone who was only point a gun at me. It is my philosophy and has been ever since I was a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County a thousand years ago:


Besides I am claustrophobic and would not like being in a small wooden box.

If you are ever in a situation where you are about to be killed or think you may be, do these three simple thinks. (1) Pray for protection and strength (2) ask GOD to forgive you for what you are about to do, and (3KILL THE PERSON WHO IS ABOUT TO KILL YOU.  Do not warm them, that will only get you killed.  Do not allow them to take the precious gift that GOD has seen fit to give you; "YOUR LIFE".

REMEMBER THIS:  If you do not have a knife or something to use to kill them " A SIMPLE CREDIT CARD CAN SLICE A MANS THROAT, and they can't kill you if they are trying to stop their own blood"!  

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