September 21, 2013
An article by: Dr. William Paul Bennett, Jr. PhD
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Before I begin I want to clearly state "THIS ARTICLE IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION IT IS INTENDED TO BE A WAKE UP TO EVERYONE AND YOU HAVE MY AUTHORITY TO PASS IT ON TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND EMAIL LISTS.  YOU CAN POST IT ON YOUR TWEET OR FACEBOOK PAGES.  IT IS DESIGNED TO ASK YOU TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD.  IT IS INTENDED TO OFFEND BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS AND PARTICULARLY THE SO CALLED "REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY" (which I personally consider a terrorist organization or flat out traders to our country after statements in interviews Friday September 20th 2013 that "THEY ALONE WILL CONTROL OUR NATION").  I want to also make it positively clear the address and telephone number shown above are both my personal residence and my home office phone number.  The number is answered 24/7 by either myself or my answering machine.  If this article should offend you and you take umbrage which causes you to call me, have the courage to leave your phone number and mailing address for responses.  Be advised all calls will be recorded, and threatening calls will be referred to the Attorney's General of both the United States and the State of Oregon.  I usually receive several calls both of praise and of threats by disgruntled readers.  To learn about me and my background you only need to click the link on this site "About Bill Bennett" or enter { }in your search bar.  

SEPTEMBER 19th & 20th 2013
To loosely quote President Franklin D. Roosevelt December 6, 1941
"These are two days that will go down in "INFAMY"

On September 19, 2013 Congress "LED BY THE REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY" took a vote and unfunded food stamps. This move effectively will cause millions of people to starve to death in the United States.  They also indicated that they are seeking to unfund Social Security and Veterans Disability payments.  This move would effectively kill millions of the elderly as well as hundreds of thousands of Disabled Veterans.  Believe me that will never happen as long as their is blood going through my veins and I can breath.  YES I AM BOTH ON SOCIAL SECURITY AND A DISABLED VETERAN.

The following day (yesterday September 20th, 2013) they took another vote to "UNFUND WHAT THEY REFER TO AS OBAMACARE".  They are admittedly blackmailing the nation, the citizens, the elderly, the infirmed, children of families on welfare in an attempt to get the President and the remainder of congress to close out "OBAMACARE" and make it disappear.
Surprise people, OBAMACARE IS A LAW OF THE LAND.  It was verified by the supreme court of the United States as within the dictates of the constitution and thereby declared valid.  The "REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY" has tried forty-one times to have the law overturned and failed. Now they are admittedly attempting EXTORTION.  What they are doing under the constitution is openly committing a felony and by violation of the constitution. 

How does extortion become involved you may ask.  Well by their own admission (numerous television interviews with the news media, as well as their own statements to the press, and finally going on television shows to talk braggingly) members of "THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES" who openly state we are "THE REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY" and we are going to force "THE PRESIDENT TO HIS KNEES".  This is where extortion comes in.  These congressmen and women state "UNLESS THE PRESIDENT STOPS OBAMACARE WE ARE GOING TO SHUT DOWN THE NATION BY SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT".  THAT IS EXTORTION!!!!

These ELECTED OFFICIALS are threatening "MY WIFE'S LIFE, MY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF CITIZENS".  They are endangering the nation by their actions and as we are involved in major military actions they are all guilty of "TREASON".  If the President so desired, he could evoke "THE WAR POWERS ACT", which was pushed through by President George W. Bush who used it to start a war.  President Obama, could in realty have these mental un-intellectuals imprisoned for acts of treason.  In reality they are attempting "THE OVERTHROW OF OUR NATION" which is in direct violation of their oath of office. I will not be surprised when they threaten to secede from the union and start another civil war. 

This has gone way too far.  This is the final straw.  They have to be stopped one way or another.  They need to go!

Bill Bennett, PhD
September 21, 2013 

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